TEST See! what’s different about working with Lauri

Here at See! with Lauri, we are all about the creativity and fun of photography. That’s not to say we don’t know what we’re doing, but we’d much prefer to get out to a location with you and show you new ways to see and find opportunities to create unique images. Our photo tours are meant to be fun with some learning thrown in.

Our mentorship is offered in much the same way without all the technical stuff to work on. This leaves you and your creative mind free to create with no pressure.

SEE! Chicago

Join us for Photo tours in the Chicago area and beyond. SEE! tours are casual photo walks where we play tourists. We get to hang out with like-minded photographers while we take in the world around us with our cameras.

This is a let’s get out and take photos experience. It will be a relaxed and friendly learning environment. We’ll cover enough ground to capture the area we are in without completely exhausting ourselves.

Check out the SEE! photo tours page to find out where we’re heading.

SEE! with Lauri Mentorships logo

Are you struggling with your creativity? Have you lost your mojo? Is your muse hiding somewhere on a beach with an umbrella drink?

We have a 6-lesson program that can help you out. Seriously, it’s set up to make focusing on the image and what you see the most important thing. No dials, settings or numbers to worry about. We also offer One on One mentoring for anything else you may want to work on or need help with.

Head on over to the SEE! Mentorships page to learn all about it.

Lauri Novak Fine Art Photography

Did you come here looking for my fine art? Well, this isn’t quite the place but you’re only a click away.

Once on my fine art site, you’ll find galleries to include travel, automotive, abstracts, my architectural work and more. Have a look around and see if you find something that needs a new home.