Photographing on Auto: The good and the badPhotographing on Auto: The good and the bad

We probably all do it at some point — we become lazy, we’re shooting something we don’t really care about, we’re just creating snapshots or for whatever reason, we turn the dial to Auto.

It has its place

I do believe that there are times and places for shooting on Auto. When we are learning the basics of composition placing our camera on auto is one of the best ways to not worry about or think about anything but the composition. We are learning and aren’t trying to create our masterpiece. It’s OK to just set it on Auto and focus on what we are seeing in our frame and how we want to present it. (more…)

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How writing can help your photography

About a year ago I started writing almost every morning and it’s helped my photography and my business. Below I explain how.

“The Artist Way”

“The Artist Way” is a book/workbook by Julia Cameron. It had been recommended to me by a fellow artist (or two). When I first got it I read through it just to get an idea of what it was about, what it could help me with and if it were something I would really invest any time into beyond just reading it. (more…)

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