Inventory Sale

Inventory Sale

You’ll see a new tab at the top of my site, Inventory Sale. What’s that all about?

Inventory adds up

After several years of exhibiting at art fairs, I decided that it wasn’t for me in the end. The schedule became difficult to navigate with the schedule we have at home and there were more weekends I was unable to exhibit than there were weekends that I was able to. So, what happens to the pieces that haven’t sold over the years?

Well, they are stored on shelves in my basement. They are certainly not doing any good to anyone there. Hence, the inventory sale.

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Exhibits and galleries

There are also pieces that were included as part of gallery shows and exhibits that I participated in over the years. Some of these pieces are available as Limited Editions here on my site. Many are framed and were part of an exhibit that showcased images from my trip to the Arctic.

What this means for you

Because I have these pieces available, and would really love to see them hanging on walls instead of sitting on shelves, you benefit! How much do you benefit? All of the inventory is 50% to 75% off the regular selling price. That’s huge!

Check out this gallery and be sure to return as I’m adding new pieces each week. If you have any questions just contact me.

These are just a few of the pieces available:

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