What you do

What you do

You know that saying you see bounce around every so often about how you never know how what you say or do affects others?

I just received the most lovely email and images from a client I had 10 years ago. He & his wife asked me to photograph their one-year-old daughter. Now she’s 10 and in a dance competition.

what you do

He said, “And one thing popped up in my head right away is this is the place Lauri would love to photograph. History and architecture all throughout the hotel grounds, rooms and halls, patterns, shadows, and night lights. Light in the early mornings is special and not many people to walk into a shot.”

One of my main goals with my photography, either in person, through mentoring, photo tours or just by sharing images I’ve created, is to show people a different way to see the world around them. This email and the images he sent just let me know that it’s working.

And for those wondering the place they were staying was the Arizona Biltmore, check it out. A lot of influence from Frank Lloyd Wright.

So, even though it’s become a meme, what you do really can and does influence and affect those around you.

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