Winter Scenes

Winter Scenes

Winter scenes are one of my favorite things to photograph. I thought I’d share some of the images from my wanderings this last few weeks.

Wide winter scenes

All the snow, all the ice in all of its glory. That’s me in my happy place. Even the images give off that peacefulness you get after it snows. You’re not imagining that quiet that comes with the snow, there is science behind this. It is quieter after it snows.

The smaller stuff

As with much of what I photograph, I tend to focus on the details. Ice formations are fascinating.

And all the in-between

We have so many options and ways to capture winter scenes, it can quite honestly be overwhelming at times.

If you’d like to read and see more on finding and creating ice abstracts, check out this article on Photofocus.

No matter how you feel about winter, snow and cold, it’s still a great time to get out and create. Let’s see what you’ve captured this winter. And yes, I know some of you are in your summer months at the moment depending on where you are. Share anyway in the comments or tag me on social media.

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