Holiday photography tips

Holiday photography tips

It’s the holiday season and that means lights, people, food and who knows what else can be thrown at us as photographers.

I thought I’d share several of the Photofocus articles that focus on tips for photographing the various aspects of the holidays. I hope you find them useful. (All titles are links – just click on each title to go to full article.)

Holiday lights

1) Getting creative with light photos


2) Photographing LED lights

3) Creating abstracts with lights

4) Bokeh with lights


1) Portrait tips: Build a scene with holiday lights


2) Creating a fun scene for children

3) Using a telephoto lens for portraits

General tips

1) 5 tips

2) Fun with macro photography

3) Have a very macro Christmas


1) Beyond the Santa photo

2) Festive food photography

The most important thing to remember is to have fun and be sure to have someone get your photo enjoying the festivities as well! Or set up your tripod and create some holiday self-portraits.

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