A presentation – Seeing the world around you

A presentation – Seeing the world around you

A presentation on seeing. Seeing is a big part of photography, right? I mean I shouldn’t have to explain that to you should I?

Many of you already know that I am the Community Manager for the Photofocus Community. It’s a private, online place where members take part in weekly challenges, daily themes, share tips and of course share images.

Seeing – a presentation

Once a month we also host a live hangout where we do our best to help our members and each other out. This generally consists of members submitting images and some of the Photofocus authors helping out by answering questions and talking about how improvements might be made, if needed.

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This month we changed it up a bit and I gave an informal presentation on, you guessed it, Seeing.

I thought I would share it here with you as well. After all, it’s kind of what I do here, I hope, help you to see the world around you better, differently, and in unique ways.

Would you like some guidance?

If you’re struggling with finding things to photograph or just don’t feel like picking up your camera, let me know. I have a 6-lesson program that I know will help you get through this dry spell.

seeing presentation

Find out more about this 6-lesson program here or send me any questions you might have.

Let’s get you back out creating!

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