Play is such an important part of creating. I use this word quite often when I’m helping other photographers.

Sometimes all you need to do is play to get yourself out of a rut, or when you feel like you’re lost along your creative journey. (I should really listen to my own advice sometimes…sheesh.)

Inspiration from others

Much of what I have tried to do this past year with these weekly Monday posts is to inspire and motivate anyone who reads these. Myself included.

Recently I subscribed to Ozan Varol‘s emails. He was included on a list of blogs/subscriptions to sign-up for from David DuChemin. Usually, I sign-up for some of this stuff and then unsubscribe because there are too many and they end up ignored.

This one though, so far they’ve been helpful. Not overly wordy, too long and difficult to read which is important for me when I subscribe to things. If you send out things that are far too long, I unsubscribe no matter how helpful the content is.

So, this week is simply a reshare of what landed in my inbox from Ozan. It resonated and explained how letting go of the have to, should do and technical aspects can help you grow and discover much more.

How to find the unexpected


Do you include play in your weekly routine?

I hope you check it out. Let me know your thoughts. Did you find it helpful? Do you already do this? I do but not nearly enough!

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