Helping you with your photography

Helping you with your photography

Helping – Mentoring. Did you know I offer these services?

Well, I do and have for a little while. I’m just not very good about promoting that fact. So, I’m here to promote.

Why do I mentor? These are some ramblings/musings on why I’m doing this and what it entails.

Accidental Mentor

For the last few years, I’ve had several people ask me when I was going to start teaching. So, here I am. Teaching. Although I tend to look at it as more of helping. I truly enjoy helping others improve their own work, figure out where they want to go, what they want to try and what makes their work unique.

Why choose me for mentoring?

The question I’m always asked by those viewing my work and other photographers is, “How did you see that?” It is the basis of my work and I’d love to be able to help you see in your own unique way.

The approach of seeing differently in photography and in particular how I personally help others achieve this resulted in me being invited to run multiple mentorships for photographers wanting to see differently. I love working with other creatives like myself, helping them see the world around them in a whole new light.


Said of my work

“It is a very simple shot but the art is in seeing this in the first place and being able to capture that.”

Tim Wallace

This quote sums up both me and my art. This was a comment made on this image that I submitted to an online contest.

Helping in a non-Technical way

This is for the most part, non-technical mentoring. I would like to say no gear talk, no processing talk and no technical talk but the reality is you do need to know some of this to create what you want. It will come up, we will touch on it and move on to the creative side of things.

Any camera will work:  Phone, iPad, DSLR, Film, Point & Shoot, whatever you have will work.

Any experience level is welcome. We all start somewhere and I really love when I can help someone see a unique solution or composition for the first time.

“Try to see things differently. It’s the only way to get a clearer perspective on the world and on your life.”

Neal Shusterman

Interested? Questions?

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