Intentional walks

Intentional walks

Intentional walks are something I really try to do more often. That said, it does not happen nearly as much as I’d like. Not even close.

I came across this article on the website. If you’re ever looking for inspiration, motivation and creative ideas, it’s a great site to subscribe to and they don’t spam you with emails.

Take intentional walks

Take an intentional walk – and experience your community in a whole new way

This post is part of TED’s “How to Be a Better Human” series, each of which contains a piece of helpful advice from someone in the TED community. To see all the posts, go here. Boredom. Wanderlust. These feelings come and go throughout our days, and we tend to bat them away.

Who else could use some inspiration this week? This month?

I love this idea, getting out and experiencing your own neighborhood or area in new ways. As photographers so many times we feel we have to go somewhere to be inspired, find new places, travel to epic locations when in reality, we can find many beautiful and inspiring things within blocks or our own homes.

When I head out into my own backyard it’s my way of doing intentional walks. Sometimes I venture out a bit further but I find living in a suburban area with row after row of houses a bit uninspiring. That does not mean I have not found some photographic subjects along the way. As I say, there is always, always something to photograph.

Just by getting out, the act of being out and looking for something to photograph can inspire you. Just by creating, period. You may not be adding images to your portfolio, you might get home and delete every single image you captured, it doesn’t matter. You were doing. Seeing. Looking at the area you see every day in a new way. It all helps the creative process.

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