Helping other photographers to SEE

Helping other photographers to SEE

Helping other photographers to SEE the world around them in a different way is something that I am passionate about.

I love when I witness those lightbulb moments. Or when someone tells me they never would have noticed something if I hadn’t shown them.

Photographing with others

One of the best ways to help other photographers is to actually have them hang out with me (or other photogs). Why? Because then they can watch how I create my images. They see where I’m looking, what I’m looking at and how I move myself and/or my camera to compose the image.

It’s also helpful to be able to explain my thought process, what it was about a certain scene that caught my eye in the first place and to just be able to have conversations about it all.

helping other photographers
Open Your Eyes

Don’t believe me?

I recently had the opportunity to head out on the Chicago Riverwalk for a couple of hours with another photographer I know through the Photofocus Community. We connected on Twitter and he asked if I’d be willing to meet up when he was in town for business.

Doing what I usually do, I put the word out about a photowalk. It was totally last minute so it ended up just being the two of us.

Jeff Turner wrote about his experience. I wanted to share it with you. Seeing Chicago In a Different Light. He did a great job of summing up the benefits of being out with another photographer and learning from that experience. His images are also beautiful and showcase what he saw that he wouldn’t have looked for before.

How can I help you?

Did you know I offer help for photographers? You can sign-up for one-on-one mentoring sessions with me. I can help you with all sorts of photography-related questions you might have. Check out how it works by clicking here.

Or, maybe you need a little kick in the motivational pants to get your creativeness flowing again. You haven’t picked up your camera in weeks and would like a little push to get you going again. I can help you with that also. There is a 6-lesson program that will just get you out there pushing that shutter and seeing again. Read about the SEE! 6-lesson program here.

What about in person? (I heard you ask.) I’ve mentioned previously that I’m in the planning stages for 2022 photo tours, so there is that. In the meantime? Contact me. I am in the process of creating Private Photo Tours. They will be totally customized for you.

Questions about helping other photographers?

Feel free to contact me with questions about my mentoring programs or photo tours. And, if you’re interested in private tours I’d love to add you to my mailing list so you can be the first to know went I’ve got that set up and ready to go.

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