Books for inspiration

Books for inspiration

Need a little (or a lot) of inspiration? Here are 205 books on art and artists covering just about anyone or anything you can think of.

The Guggenheim has made these free to read online or download.

Plenty of inspiration here.

Books of every type

There are all types of topics and subjects you can sort by to find just what you need. Modern, painting, specific artists, photography, sculpture, the list goes on.

Art books are a great way to get and be inspired. They can open your mind to new ways of seeing. You may find new-to-you techniques to try or artists to be inspired by.


Quiet time

Another aspect about finding inspirational books which I find helpful is the actual sitting down and spending time with them. Find yourself a quiet space, relax and lose yourself for a bit.

Do you have a favorite inspirational art book? Share it in the comments below. We all need a little help every now and then. It’s great to have a list to reference. Thanks for sharing!

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