Inspiration and motivation

Inspiration and motivation

I’m lacking both inspiration and motivation lately. Is anyone else feeling this way?


Inspiration can come from so many places. It seems like it would be impossible to not be inspired on a daily basis. Yet, there are times when we just are not.



Motivation works differently than inspiration. What motivates you? Many people are motivated by money and things and maybe that makes it easier to stay motivated, I’m not sure. I’ve never been motivated by either.



Making commitments has helped me continue to get work done. Even when I don’t feel inspired or motivated to do it. Take this blog post for example. I have started two other topics for today. Neither of them inspired me. I have a list of topics for each week through the rest of this year. That does help when I’m not feeling motivated. I can look at the topic for the week and hopefully be inspired to write on that.

But, there is one thing that has kept me going with my blogs. Both this one and the Perspectives blog I have on my fine art site. Commitment. I made a commitment to myself for 2021. I decided that I would do a blog post here every Monday and on every Thursday, for a year. Also, I committed to doing a monthly newsletter (still working on August).


Pushing through or allowing inspiration to happen

One of my photography friends and mentors gently nudges us to go anyway. It’s an exercise to get us out with our cameras and creating, whether we feel like it or not. No matter what the weather is, sun, no sun, snow, wind, rain – just go anyway.

I try to do this with my work. Does it always get me inspired or motivated? Nope. Some days you have to let go and just be. Go read a book. Take a break. Go to a movie. Wander around the backyard. Sit outside and just look up at the sky. While that all seems a bit non-productive, it’s just a way of listening to ourselves when all the signs are telling us we need to take a break.

What do you do when you’re just not feeling inspired or motivated? I’d love to hear some new ideas from you.

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