What do YOU want? I have questions.

What do YOU want? I have questions.

What do you want? Happy Monday! Are we all up and at ’em and ready to go this week?

I wanted to do something different for today’s #MondayMotivation if that’s ok with you. 

what do you want

I have questions for you.

I’m going make you think a little. Not much, I promise, it is after all Monday.

I know many of us are in multiple communities, Facebook groups, have other challenges/weekly/monthly/daily photo themes that we take part in. I don’t want to be just another one of those nor do I want to be a burden to anyone. My hope is that this space is a bit different, helpful in other ways, motivational and inspirational. That said, I’d like to know what else you’d like to see here.

If you could either reply here or comment on this post with your responses, I’ll be your best friend forever. Well, maybe not that. How about if you respond/comment with answers I’ll put you in a drawing to win a signed print of one of these:

What do you want?

1) What would you like to SEE in here, beyond the Motivational/Inspirational Monday posts?

2) How can I help you with what you’re working on?

3) Are there specific topics/things you’d like to hear or learn about from me?

4) I’m open to suggestions.

Please answer below by commenting or by contacting me directly.

This all came out of the free See! Community I started. It was a gathering place for all who wish to be active in it. All who have attended a photo tour or have participated in mentorship will be included in the community. Yes, I have to be protective of my time and not do EVERYthing for free but I am a helper, encourager and whether I try or not I inspire others. The See! Community is still on hold. Once photo tours start happening again, we’ll use that space to share our images and stories.

Thank you!

Thank you, I appreciate you all being here and hanging in with me as I navigate my own path. I do hope you find some of these Monday posts helpful, encouraging and/or motivational. I committed myself to do them for one year. Halfway there!

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  1. “Are there specific topics/things you’d like to hear or learn about from me?” Lauri, I’d love a more detailed understanding of how you choose your locations for shoots. What are the different factors that most influence your decisions? Do you scout prior to shooting? etc.

    1. Thanks Jeff, sounds like a great topic for a blog post or an article on Photofocus.com. Stay tuned!

  2. I like to hear about how you got the shot
    I like your critiques of photography rules
    Also, alerts about photography opportunities like your events and other ones that you have vetted or curated for us.

    1. Great list there Lora Lee! I will add these to my list to create blogs posts or articles about.

      I think if you’re subscribed to my newsletter/blog you should receive up-to-date info on any events I have going on.

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