National Camera Day – June 29th

National Camera Day – June 29th

national camera day

National camera day is a good excuse to get that camera out of its bag. Not that any of us need an excuse to get out and use our cameras, right?

What will you do to celebrate National Camera Day?

I feel like it’s been a few days/week or so since I’ve been out with my camera and using it with some sort of purpose behind it. Maybe this National Camera Day, June 29th I will just go wandering to see what I can see.

In a mentorship community I’m in we have a monthly challenge going on right now and I haven’t gotten around to doing it yet. This might be a good excuse to get it done. What is the challenge, you go for a walk or drive, set a timer for 3-5 minutes and walk/drive. When the alarm goes off, stop. Right there take your camera and photograph what you find where you’ve stopped.

Sound difficult? Maybe. It’s a great way to really look at your surroundings and find something interesting to create an image of.

Other ideas?

What other challenges or ideas do you have to get yourself motivated and inspired to create images? I’d love to hear what you’re planning on creating and where you’re planning to go.

As always, please share your results here in the comments, email me or tag me on social media. I love seeing what you are creating.

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