Movies About Real Photographers

Movies About Real Photographers

Movies can be inspiring in a number of ways.

While some of us are getting back to a relatively normal way of life again, not everyone is.

Inspiration from films

This is just a quick list of how you can find inspiration for your photography while watching movies.

  • Color cast – color grading
  • Lighting
  • Use of shadows
  • Angles and perspectives
  • Black & White films to show mood
  • Creating emotion with a scene

I came across this list of the 25 best films about real-life photographers from Digital Camera World back in March of 2020. You know, back just when all hell broke loose.

I thought since there are still a few of us at home, I’d share this for a little inspiration today.


25 best movies about real photographers

Which movies have you seen?

Have you watched any of these yet? I’ve had Finding Vivian Maier saved forever and still haven’t watched it.

Let me know which ones you’ve seen and what you would recommend. Any not on the list that you can think of?

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