Moods. Such an odd little word isn’t it? How can you create an image that depicts a mood? Have you tried? This week, let’s give it a shot.

“Cameras don’t take pictures: our photographs come from our imaginations, our curiosity, our questions, our hearts, our memories, our dreams and from all of the different things that make us human.”  

~ Reid Callanan

This week’s motivation to pick up your camera and create something new is this:

The camera is blind and it doesn’t understand the mood. Make an image with your camera of a mood.

Different moods

Moods come in all forms. Happy, sad, angry, quiet, grumpy and the list goes on. Think about your moods lately. How can you put those moods into an image? Can you create that in one shot? Do you need to use post-processing to help create the feeling in the photo?

Do what you can to convey a mood without coming out and describing it in your image.

Since we are on this roller coaster of life lately I thought this might be a good way to channel what’s going on in our hearts and heads.


Once you’ve created your moody image, share it. I’d love to see what you end up with. Tag me on social media or add it to the comments below. Be sure to have fun!

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