J T Hall – Inspirational artist

J T Hall – Inspirational artist

J T Hall is someone I came across on the Healing Power of Art site.

Art is healing

Stories like this make me feel like I should be and could be doing more. More to help others, more to help myself even sometimes. People are amazing.

J T Hall

J T Hall’s story

I encourage you to read his story and be inspired by it. So many times something happens in life that thrusts us in a completely different direction. Those that rise to the occasion, who figure out how and what to do next are the ones I love to see and be inspired by. JT’s story is one of those.

What he’s done for others and how he learned about the emotional aspects just give me hope.

You can find more of J T Hall’s work and more about him on his website: JoelTMarshall.com


Do you know an artist who has an inspirational story? I’d love for you to share them with me so I can spread the inspiration. Let’s face it, we all need a bit of this in our lives. People like this push me to be a better person.

Share someone who inspires you in the comments or contact me and I’ll highlight them in a future post.

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