Fun on the agenda

Fun on the agenda

Fun should always be on our agendas.

Something a little different this Monday to be motivated by, and hopefully have fun with.


This is from a book I have “I Am Here Now” A creative mindfulness guide and journal. Something to help us learn how we experience fun and to plan it into our lives. Making plans for specific events, travel or whatever it is that makes our lives fun.

Vor-freu-de (for-froi-duh), noun: the German word for the anticipatory joy derived from imagining future pleasures. Even though it’s technically thinking about the future, we can pay attention to how we experience it in the present.

I thought this seemed quite appropriate for the times we’ve been through in the last year and some of us who are still experiencing the effects. A fellow photographer mentioned it in a comment on a post in a community, talking about future travel planning. We don’t have to sit and wait, we can still dream, plan and anticipate what we will do when we’re able to.


What will you imagine? What fun will you have that you’ve missed this past year? Share what you’re planning. Let us know what you are dreaming about. Comment below or contact me, I’d love to hear from you.

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