This week I’d like to share some motivation to SEE! things that are right in front of us. This guy, Eric Kogan, is a genius at it. Talk about taking the whole SEEing thing to another level.

Eric Kogan

If you study his work for a little while you realize he is a master of seeing beyond what is in front of him. He sees the relationship between items, light, shadows and everyday scenes most of us would never even notice.

Objects, A Love Story: Street Photos by Eric Kogan

These are just a few from Eric’s Instagram feed.

Eric Kogan

Follow his Instagram here or click on the image. You’ll be inspired and motivated to pay more attention to what you’re looking at while you are out shooting.

Your turn

Now you! Head out and see if you can find anything similar this week and share it! I continue to be inspired by and pushed to look further at what is around me by Eric’s work.

You know I love to SEE what and how you SEE!


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