Let’s play with water this week. 

Water. It’s everywhere. It comes in several forms. It’s oh so fun to photograph.

Easy enough, right. Faucets, sprinklers, bathtubs, showers, lakes, creeks, waterfalls, the list goes on. Let’s get creative with this.


It’s easy to just go shoot some water but how about we go beyond the obvious? Try something new and/or different than what you tend to think of when creating water photographs.


The first thing you think of. Shoot it, get it out of your head and then create something different. Use long or short shutter speeds to freeze or create motion. Think ice. Use different focal lengths, different lenses. Macro in particular is kind of fun when playing with water. Ask yourself What happens if I do this…or that?


Share your favorite

Be sure to share what you’ve created either here as a comment or tag me on social media. I’d love to see what you come up with.

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