Are you ready for a challenge?

This week I thought I’d try to push you a little even though it seems like a simple thing. Not sure about you guys but I’m starting to feel a little like my creativity and creative time has been pushed to the side. Maybe I should rephrase that to mean my photographic creative time, I’ve been doing other creative things but not so much focused on photography.

I mention this exercise quite a bit and for some reason, I always pick the word pencil out of the air when offering up an example. So. You get a pencil/pen to get creative with.


Your word/theme: PENCIL or PEN

The challenge is to grab a pencil or pen and photograph it in as many ways as you can think of. Think angles. Think outside of the norm. Use different lenses. Get creative.

What this exercise will do is get you to think more about how you can photograph something so ordinary as a writing instrument. It helps you expand your photographic thought process and the next time you are out shooting whatever it is you normally photograph, you’ll stop and think about that pen/pencil. You will –  trust me. Then you’ll stop and be much more thoughtful and deliberate about what you are photographing. You’ll start looking at and seeing new compositions and ways to create more unique and personal images.

Share your favorite

Once you’ve played (please play) with this all week, go through your images and choose your favorite to post here in the comments or tag me in your social media post.

I look forward to seeing what you guys come up with.

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