When figuring out what to post for this week’s #MondayMotivation, I came across this quote which I’ve seen before on many occasions. It got me thinking about what I wanted to learn how to do that I don’t currently do. I’m still thinking about what that might be but I thought it would be a good motivation for the week.


What are you learning?

What is something you cannot do that you want to learn how to do? It could be editing, shooting techniques, or learning composition it could be speaking a new language, creating a photo book, contributing articles to websites. Maybe you want to dabble in other arts such as drawing or painting. The possibilities are endless and the resources out there are just as endless.

Do you keep a list of what you want to work on? Projects you want to tackle but need to figure out a little more about the how of them before you can start? Sometimes just diving in works. Figure it out as you go. We all work and learn in different ways.

So, what’s on your list? Is there something you’re already working on? I’d love to hear what it is.

Shoot for the stars!


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