The decisive moment

The decisive moment

Decisive moments. We likely see and experience many of these throughout the day.

In photography, it’s this moment that can make or break an image. I love finding information and videos like this whenever I’m feeling the need for some sort of inspiration or motivation. We can always be inspired by someone, something and sometimes even find little things to inspire us.

I also like to share what I find. Why? Because I know if things help me, they will most likely help others.

Meet Mike Browne

This is a 12-minute video about the “Decisive Moment” by Mike Browne. I’m sure you’ve all heard or read about this (Henry Cartier Bresson) before. I found Mike’s description and examples very easy to understand and relatable.

My decisive moment


This image, “Meet Me at the Bean” is one of my favorite decisive moments. I was just standing there watching people move around the bean (Cloudgate) and this happened. The long shadow of the girl caught my eye first, then the light on her and finally the other shadows of the people in the shot.

I would love to see your decisive moment images. Share them here in the comments or tag me on social media.

Have an inspired week!

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