Making and keeping mistakes in photography

Making and keeping mistakes in photography

Ready to put our mistakes behind us or maybe embrace them? Let’s take on a new week with renewed hope, renewed (better) attitude and ready to focus on the good and positive.

How did last week’s exercise go? Did you pick up your camera more?

Making mistakes

It happens to every single one of us. Mistakes. Not quite the right settings for what we were shooting. A second too late to capture a moment. Our subject moved and isn’t coming back to that same spot. Can we always these mistakes and make them into something positive?


This image was an accident. I liked how it turned out. Shooting at night without a tripod isn’t recommended.

Keep shooting anyway

When you’re out taking photos this week, keep the mistakes. Take one or two of them and create something from them. Blurred? Under/over-exposed?

Who cares! Throw perfection out the window and come up with a creative way to use an image you would normally toss out! Need some ideas?

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