Quick, where is your camera?

Easy exercise

Let’s get ourselves motivated to get out and shoot this week.

First, get your camera out. Put it somewhere that is within reach at all times (almost anyway). I keep my camera and 100-400mm lens sitting on our coffee table in our living room. Does it go with the decor? Nope, don’t care. It is right there ready to grab when that fox, those squirrels the blue jay or cardinal pop into my backyard view.


Next. Choose one subject that you can shoot every day this week and do just that. Pick up your camera every single day. Photograph the same subject every day if that makes it easier. You can choose to add other limitations, like shooting it at the same time each day but that’s up to you. Remember, this is just an exercise and does not have to be a masterpiece. You don’t even have to edit it if you don’t want to.


What does this do?

Just by touching your camera every day, taking one image every day, and the act of photographing will help you feel better motivated to keep shooting. We all go through periods of “OMG, I haven’t touched my camera for a week/month/longer.” Need a little more inspiration? Take a Creativity Break.

Let’s start out this year by getting the dust off of that camera!

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