Happy? Are you struggling lately because of weather or other reasons that you feel are robbing you of your creative muse?

Grab your camera to make you happy.

Here’s an easy-to-do exercise that might help you improve your mood and get you back into a happy and creative space.


There are ways to create without having to venture too far. Personally, I’m struggling a bit with an issue that is making it difficult to get out and walk anywhere for any length of time. Not making me happy at all. But, instead of sulking, I’ve been leaving my camera out so I can grab it anytime I see an opportunity. Yes, even if that means shooting through a window and/or screen.


So, grab your camera and photograph things, people you have access to or places you are able to get to. Any of these that lift your spirits. Snow makes me happy so I’ve been photographing the snow in my yard and on the neighbor’s roof.

All it takes is starting. Find one thing that makes you happy. Photograph that. Then another, and another and pretty soon you’ll realize you’re feeling better just because you picked up your camera and created something.

I’d love to see what you’ve created. Share in the comments or tag me on social media.

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