Stand in one spot

Stand in one spot

Who wants to work on finding more things to photograph and how can standing in one spot help?

Stop! Don’t move.

This is one of the exercises I like to have people do when I’m out in the field teaching as well. It’s always fun to see what each individual person sees when we’re all in basically the same area.


Stop! Stand in one spot. Do not move your feet. Shoot 10 images of what’s around you. Think creatively. Where can I look? What do I see? When you stand in one spot, it forces you to pay attention and to SEE what your surroundings offer up, it forces you to find new perspectives.

one spot

By standing in one spot you’re going to look harder to see what photo opportunities you have. It’s a good idea to do exercise to do more than once. Practice. Practice. Practice. Remember, this is not an exercise to create portfolio images. This will help you find those portfolio images when you are out and about shooting.


After you’ve done this exercise, share your images with me. Use #SeeWithLauriOneSpot so I can find them. I would love to share several here on my blog.

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What do you SEE?

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