Monday Motivations

Monday Motivations

Happy Monday & Happy New Year!

It’s the first week of 2021 and as promised in my January Newsletter I’ve declared for myself and for you that 2021 is the year for:

monday motivations

What this will be every week

If you need any of the above, I’m your girl. I will be posting weekly updates to include motivational ideas, themes and things to get you out (or in) with your camera. Sometimes we all need a bit of inspiration as well, so those weeks I will do my best to inspire you through what I’ve found inspiring myself along the way.  As for Celebrations, that should really happen daily but I want to check in and give you a place to celebrate your wins with me so we can all celebrate together.

A simple Monday motivations challenge

This week for Monday Motivation, I thought I’d try to push you a little even though it seems like a simple thing. Not sure about you guys but I’m starting to feel a little like my creativity and creative time has been pushed to the side this past year.

I mention this exercise quite a bit and for some reason, I always pick the word pencil out of the air when offering up an example. So. You get a pencil to get creative with.

Grab a pencil. Grab your camera. Take photos of the pencil. Let’s see how creative you can get photographing one thing.

monday motivations
monday motivations

What will this do you ask? By photographing just one thing you’ll be forced to get creative. You’ll start asking yourself; what else can I do here? How else can I photograph a pencil of all things? I’ve talked about using limitations in photography before, they help us push ourselves past the obvious.

I look forward to seeing what you guys come up with. Post your images in the comments here or on social media and use the #SeeWithLauriPencil so I can find them.


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