Don McCullin: Legendary War Photographer

Don McCullin: Legendary War Photographer

This Monday I thought I’d share some inspiration I’ve found along my internet travels in the last year.

This man is my latest crush. Oh my gosh. It’s a great story/read but the video, sigh. They should make a movie about him.

Don McCullin

‘I Am a Photographer, Not an Artist’: Legendary War Photographer Don McCullin on Why the Distinction Matters | Artnet News. Please take some time to read the article linked and watch the video. You won’t be sorry, I promise.

The 84-year-old British photographer, who is famed for his haunting images, is best known for his salient photographs of war and conflict, taken around the world. For 60 years, he has reported on battles and destruction, chronicled starvation and inner-city poverty, and traveled the world working for newspapers including the Observer and the Sunday Times Magazine.

Color me inspired

Talk about inspiration – when I grow up (which is highly unlikely) I want to be just like him and still SEEing the world.

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