Welcome to November

I can’t believe November is -mostly- just flying by. There are still days that drag and sometimes weeks but it seems the months go quickly.


Yes, it’s still a word I write daily. Some day it will stick.

Crisp November days. Fall is one of my favorite times of the year. We were even gifted a little bit of snow for a couple of hours and I had to get out and play. It’s so peaceful and fresh. Clean. A nice change from the events going on in the world these days.

So, why focus this November? I have done my best to get rid of excuses and distractions so that I can and will finally spend focused time on my own websites, my own business. It’s about time really. I know.

What does this mean for you? You’ll start seeing travel stories on my SeeWithLauri.com blog. There will be more room mock-ups with my artwork on the blog for my LauriNovak.com site. I will be writing more for Photofocus, which I always tried to do but never seemed to make happen. You can choose what you want to subscribe to here.

Whether you’re a photographer in need of some motivation (watch this space for weekly motivational posts) and creativity help or you’re an art agent, interior designer/decorator or just looking for new artwork for your home, my hope is that these things help and inspire you in some way.

It’s November – Are you ready for the holidays
20% off sale

All through November will finally be adding more inventory to my Etsy Shop with a 20% discount. It’s a great place to find unique, more personalized gifts. Supporting local and independent businesses is never a bad idea either.


I’ve also kept up my shop here where you can choose how and what you print on. Use code SZNNJK for 20% off.


Choose what you receive
Here is an easy way to subscribe to what you want

You can now choose which information you receive from me.
See! Blog ~ photo tips, travel stories, motivation and inspiration included.
See! Photo Tours ~ all trips, locations, dates and details.
Lauri Novak Fine Art ~ new gallery shows, new art pieces and fine art news
Perspectives, a fine art blog ~ Weekly (or so) new fine art work and decor ideas

DEADLINE: Please make your choice by January 31st to ensure you’re being updated about what you want and that I’m not sending you stuff you are not interested in.  Thank you!

Thank you for allowing me in your inbox. I do appreciate it and hope that I in some way have helped or inspired you over the years.

Stay Healthy & Safe and have a lovely rest of November!

I would love to hear from you and am always open to suggestions, ideas anything you’d like to have me include here on a monthly basis? Click on the I’d Like to See the button below and let me know.

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