What? It’s October?

Time for the October Newsletter. To be honest, I actually thought about skipping my monthly newsletter this month. I sort of forgot about it. But, I committed to being consistent so here we are. I have to admit the last month has been a bit of a struggle. I know I’m not the only one feeling this way so maybe I can help others in their own struggles. Maybe I can share a photo that makes you smile, or makes you remember a place or time. That is one thing photography can do for sure. Help us remember. Take us back to amazing places. Especially if we’re a bit stuck at home at the moment.

Local Exploring
No traveling for us yet – still

I’m itching to get on a plane, cross the pond, head to Europe or somewhere. Heck, I’d be happy to pop over to a nearby state, if only they weren’t on the ‘you have to quarantine when you get there or back’ lists. Sigh.

What can you do? Go exploring in your own area. Go exploring back through your archives. Both!

waterfall at Jon Duerr forest preserve
This is a small waterfall that is ten minutes from my house. I’ve been there before but wasn’t very inspired at that time. This time, I had a camera I’m testing out, on loan to me to review and write about. It has a really cool feature that allows me to create these long exposures in-camera, no extra filters needed. So I went and played in the water.

Path through the woods newsletter
Here’s another from a morning I took an hour’s drive to Rotary Botanical Gardens. Well worth the trip and I really need to make this part of a regular stop at different times of the year. It’s lovely, peaceful and a quiet place to reset, refresh and destress.


Ah, the South of France

If Facebook is good for anything, it’s the memories they pop up in your stream. Yesterday I was reminded that I had just landed in Nice, France. I was there to meet up with Karen Hutton for her Artist Voice Retreat in Cannes. (P.S. you should check out her new art – it’s incredible!)

The four of us ended up sharing some images and chatting about it so I decided to start going back through my archives. Ah. Yes. Good to see you again.

Balcony in Cannes, France newsletter
Wonderful warm light, beautiful colors and balconies.

Green shutters and plant in Cannes, France
The character of the buildings, windows and even the greenery. There are so many stories to be told, stories being told around every corner.

I will continue my visit back to the South of France today, maybe the next several days. It’s a nice distraction.

Fine Art direction
That leads me to what I’m working on

I am still working on my fine art. I’ve stalled a bit on what I should be working on with it but it’s still there. I’ve been sharing series over on my Instagram fine art profile. Working on creating room wall mock-ups so you can see what an image would look like on your wall or a wall in an office.

Fine art home decor newsletter

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Yes, I’m still trying to clear out my basement!

My October Newsletter still contains the Inventory sale!

I’ll be adding new pieces here as well. Working my way through my inventory.

Since I am no longer participating in art fairs, I still have pieces left. Please help me clear it out! 40% off my entire Etsy store, fine art and miscellaneous items. Click here to purchase.

Antarctic mountains and clouds

Thank you for allowing my October newsletter into your inbox. I do appreciate it and hope that I in some way have helped or inspired you over the years.

Stay Healthy & Safe!

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