I feel like I say I’m heading in exciting new directions quite often. In reality, it isn’t THAT often but it’s good to be changing things up, adding and taking away and making a dynamic atmosphere to my work and my business.

This is just a quick post to invite you to choose what you’d like to follow in the future. I’m heading out into an exciting new direction. It’s a direction I’ve always felt I should travel but was never quite ready. Now, it’s happening. Finally.

You can subscribe to my See! Photo Tours, See! Blog or my new, soon to be completely revealed Fine Art Photography site updates and the Perspectives blog over there.

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exciting new direction

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exciting new direction

It’s your choice! I’m excited to be able to split off the two sides of my business and make each one more focused.

Thank you for continuing to encourage, support and follow me on this journey of exciting new direction.

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