Staying inspired

Staying inspired

First, apologies for not being around here much. I know that Consistency is one of the keys to keeping traffic to a site/blog and I’ve been horrible at it.

Chicago RiverwalkI am working on doing better, being better and doing the work I am supposed to be doing to get where I want and to get done what I want to do. Some things have been out of my control. Boy, do I struggle with having to wait for others to do what they’re supposed to do, or to keep dates for things that were to be announced by now.

Keep on creating

For starters, my laptop (my only computer) bit the dust. I thought maybe it could be repaired but the guy told me he was actually taking that model off of his list of what he’ll work on after opening mine up. So, I lived through ten days of no computer of my own. Whew. Thankful for Google Drive and much of my work that can be accessed that way.

Chicago Riverwalk

During this time I received a new phone for my birthday. I’ve been playing. It has a pretty amazing camera from what I’ve seen so far. Every image in this post is from that phone with little to no editing.

Inspiration isn’t always there

As if the pandemic and all that’s going on in the world wasn’t enough. The universe felt the need to shake me up more, make me step back and consider my work, where I’m heading and what I do or don’t work on that I should be. Ten whole days! Some days I didn’t feel like showing up and I didn’t. Some days I didn’t feel like showing up but I showed up anyway. Sometimes the universe forces you to take a break that you may not have taken otherwise. Embrace it. See that for what it is or could be and take the break.

Chicago Apple Store

What’s next?

More waiting I guess. I’m still waiting for a couple of things that sort of go together to be ready. If you know me, you know I’m not a very patient person. I also don’t handle waiting as well as I could. What do I mean by that? I could have content ready, I could have letters written, I could have images (well until the laptop died) ready. So, will I be ready when the announcement I’m waiting for is announced? Will I be ready to actually send those letters I am going to send when that part of the equation is done? Or, will those things force me to act at the time. I am trying really hard (never hard enough in my opinion) to be ready to act. One thing each day. That’s the plan.

It will be exciting, I promise!

Please tell me you’ll wait with me, keep me company, wait for me. I’ll play some lovely background waiting music if you’d like. Perhaps I should create a visual diversion until the announcement is ready. Slide shows of places and travels? That’s on my list as well. So, any guesses as to what might be going on? Will you wait?

Here’s some pancakes or a bacon maple cupcake while we wait. Thank you for waiting with me.

Or maybe some cheeeeeesseeeeee!!

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