It’s all about Moments

It’s all about Moments

…and who you know, right?

I was connected with Moments ( by a friend of mine who thought I might be a good match for what they’re doing. I’m excited to say that I’m looking forward to working with them and seeing where it goes.

For now? They are collaborating with Fujifilm and Peak Design to offer this awesome grant program you can apply to. Here are the details.

Moment Creator Grant – Peak x Fuji

Theme – Cameras out
Create a project that inspires people by what you can capture by just having your camera around. Because a camera in a bag never gets the shot. Your series can be on purpose or the unexpected.

Funding 5 creatives with their first grant. This time, with;
$500 in Cash
Fuji x100v Camera
Peak x Fuji straps
Peak Capture Clip

Submit your pitch. It’s a short application and personal video to explain your project idea.
Moment will select the recipients and notify the rest
Moment provides the gear & cash so the selected recipients can create their project
They will share your work to their audience and with the supporting brands
Submit your project here

July 13th – Submissions Open
July 20th – Submissions Close
July 23rd – 5 Projects are selected and announced
August 6th – Deliverables are due
August 10th – Projects are shared

Peak x Fuji Custom Straps
Moment is also hosting a limited release camera strap collaboration between Peak Design and Fujifilm. The profits from these straps will go directly to the creator grant to help fund five creatives.

Fujifilm Cuff Wrist

Fujifilm Slide Lite Strap

If you just want to take a look around to see what they have – you might find something you need – gear, courses, trips or all three!
So? What do you say?

Come on, what do you have to lose?
I KNOW that you have something you can capture
that will inspire others.
I KNOW you do!
Click here to submit your project


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