Working on a new project

Working on a new project

If you are subscribed to my mailing list you know I’m working on something new.

To be announced soon-ish. It’s sort of two projects actually and will be announced around the same time I suppose. I just thought I’d pop in here today to share a couple of images. Why? Because I feel like I’ve been very lax in sharing my work here which is really where I should be sharing it first. My online home.


So, here you go. You get a couple of images from Belgium circa 2014. Whew, I know I never went through all my images and edited what jumped out at me. So, that’s what I started working on today. It’s part of one of the projects and it’s always fun to go back through old travel photos, see the people and the places. Lots of smiles as I did this today.

Bruges, Belgium
Waiting in Bruges

I originally edited this in black and white but decided to re-edit it anyway. We learn new skills, our tastes change over the years and there are software upgrades that have more options sometimes too.

Bruges, Belgium
Brussels train station

This is one of the presets I have used (with tweaks) ever since I’ve had DxO Photo Labs Silver Efex Pro. It’s from John Batdorff Photography, who incidentally is who I was with for a photo tour on this trip. Seemed appropriate. I just like the crispness of the tones in it.

That’s it for today. As I go through more images I’ll be sure to come back and share a few more. Stay tuned for my exciting news!


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