How can you resist these cute faces?

How can you resist these cute faces?

Yes, I’m selling you something here in this post. No, I don’t like to sell to you but a girls gotta buy wine and popcorn, right?

Besides, how can you even say no to a face like this?

Fox kit photograph

Oh, whoops, I mean…

Fox kit photograph

2020-2021 16-month calendars

Now you can have 16 months of these adorable fox kits and their parents. We were so fortunate to have this family of foxes living under our neighbor’s shed. They made us laugh and gave me something to do every day at least twice a day for a few weeks. Sadly, they’ve moved on but they can live on in your home on your very own calendar.

I’ve been posting images and videos of them on my Facebook page and also on my Instagram stream. In doing this I’ve been asked if they could be/would be the subject of a calendar. So, give the people what they want I say.

Just sign-up here:  [button link=”” type=”big” color=”black” newwindow=”yes”] I can’t resist their cute little faces. Yes! I would like a fox family calendar.[/button]

After June 1st, I will contact you with pricing, shipping and how to order.

Thank you!

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