Peace & Calm

Peace & Calm



These two words keep appearing in my morning writing. How are you guys doing in this alternative reality we’re living in at the moment?

I’m finding that some days instead of needing Inspiration I need peace and calm which can be inspiring in a different way. Through the day and especially as I start my days, I make sure I ground myself, not just think about it but take a few minutes to actually sit with both feet on the floor, close my eyes and connect to the earth, to my self and remember that I can be peaceful and calm. During this time I also remind myself that it’s ok through all of this to just BE when needed.

What do I mean by just BE? I learned when I went through my mom’s last seven months of being hospitalized and especially after she passed, that some days it was ok to just BE. I allowed myself to sit and read, go for a walk, sit and cry, watch mindless television, nap or just sit in a quiet house. BE. It made me realize that we all need to do this sometimes, reset, regroup and ground ourselves. Find those things that bring us peace and calm in our lives. Step away from the chaos and stress of the world, life and our jobs that we sometimes allow ourselves to get caught up in. Walk away from it. If only for a moment.

Denali National Park

What do you need?

Today I thought about what I need mentally and emotionally right this moment. The first thing that came to mind was travel. My connection to the world has always been travel. Where I feel at peace most often, is not home. (I know that is a bit unusual for a lot of people and I certainly don’t mean my home is not peaceful or happy.) So I thought more about what I could do to bring me that feeling of BEing somewhere else and went in search of places, scenery and sounds that I could lose myself in for a bit. Maybe I will even create my own video from my own travels at some point.

Here are a few I found (I struggled to find snow… haha). Depending on what you like, or what you find beautiful.

This is mostly water/ocean/shoreline:
This one has some variety:
This has amazing images (on repeat):

So, those are a few mini getaways we can take to get ourselves back.

There are plenty of apps, websites, blogs, podcasts, etc on the subject of calm/peace and related subjects. Do you have any favorites to share? Do you have any techniques of your own that get you through the down moods, times of feeling not motivated and for helping to deal with all that is going on in the world at the moment?

Stay safe & healthy both physically & mentally.


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