12 Days of Sharing – Day 8

12 Days of Sharing – Day 8

I’m beginning to think I could do this for a full year, at least once a week. Here we are with Day 8.

Oh what fun it is

I’m having a blast sharing my artist friends’ work. I hope you are enjoying finding new photography, art and businesses.

Day 8

JTM Designs is owned and operated by Sally Smith. She has a really fun way of showing you her handmade jewelry. Every Wednesday at 8 pm central time she posts images in her facebook boutique and you can buy them. It’s fun to see and fun to comment SOLD! on something, if you want it. I’ve linked to the facebook boutique she runs this in. Go and join, it’s a ton of fun and you’ll love the pieces she creates.


Cathy Donohoue
loves to photograph and create artwork from her photographs. The images are beautiful on their own, but then she adds some magic to the mix and they become abstracts with brilliant colors. You can purchase her work on a number of items, prints, mugs and if you’re looking for 2020 calendars she has quite a few of those as well in her shop.

Am I running out of artists and businesses to share? Check back here tomorrow to find out!

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