I am a lazy photographer

I am a lazy photographer

There, I said it. I am totally a lazy photographer.

Photographing on auto

Yeah, I do this more often than people might think. I told you, I’m lazy. I just wandered out in my backyard for about 5-10 minutes this morning because there was a bit of frost around. Also because I keep staring wistfully out my patio door windows at the hydrangea in all their fall brown-ness and texture so it was time to go out and take a few photos of them.

I mostly shot in auto. Why? Because I just couldn’t be bothered to figure out what I wanted to do. Because I just wanted some quick shots of the little flowers that make up the hydrangea and the frost. It was really an excuse to go out and get some fresh, cool air.

Until auto didn’t work for what I wanted

Then it happened, I couldn’t get what I wanted so I switched to Aperture Priority (something else I don’t really do much of). Being lazy though, I didn’t change anything else so when I uploaded my 51 images, the ones that I shot on AV, well they were blurry. Why? Because I didn’t change anything but the aperture. My shutter speed was too slow for the light with the f10 I was shooting. I know better. Oh well.

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Why am I telling you this?

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only lazy one out there, right? I actually do this quite a bit, go out in my yard, take a bunch of shots and then come in, upload and delete almost all of them.  It’s just a testament to the fact that it’s not always about the end results. Sometimes it’s just about doing. Clicking the shutter. Looking through the viewfinder. Getting outside. Practice seeing.

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