6-Week See! Mentorship Starting in February

6-Week See! Mentorship Starting in February

Do you want to know the number one problem my clients ask me about? I hear it all the time, how can I make my images different,
what can I do to create work that screams ME!

Yeah. That. If that’s a question you ask yourselves as well, I’ve got some fun news…I’ve created something for you! It’s a 6-week mentorship that will help you enhance your own vision, SEE more and SEE differently. People who have taken this for a test drive have said of this program:

“A fantastic experience! Lauri Novak’s artistic and creative perspective gave me the stimulus to move out of my routine way of seeing and creating an image and helped me take my photography to a higher level which I could not have imagined! ”

and reported results like

“She helped me see the usual photo that was staring me right in the face and make it unusual, dare I say, even special”


“I am constantly photographing things that I did not before the mentorship, and it has forced me out of my comfort zone.”

Yeah! That’s what I’m talking about!

Now it’s your turn.
Head over to SEE! 6-week Mentorship to reserve your space in this program. (Only 9 spaces available!)
It starts on February 10th and runs through March 28th.

I can’t wait to receive an email with YOUR epic success story.

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