Nature’s Compositions

Nature’s Compositions

I took time out for myself yesterday. I need to touch base with nature once in a while, ground myself, be quiet, hear quiet and just be. Recharge.

Nature is amazing

We all know this already but how often do you take the time to really SEE that. Slow down, wander, watch and listen. When you’re out taking photos if you watch very closely you’ll see that nature helps you when you need it. No need to create a scene when it’s already there.

As I wandered the Anderson Japanese Gardens in Rockford, Illinois. I watched, and looked and was able to see natural compositions. The wind, water and leaves made their own art. It was my honor to be able to record it.

These scenes presented themselves to me because I was paying attention and being in the moment, taking in all the wonder there was around me.

Creating art from nature

I should say creating more art because nature is art already. I’ve been in a moody mood lately and that translates to me playing with editing. I’m mostly a bit of a purist when it comes to editing, depending on what it is but I do like to experiment and play to be more creative at times. These leaf compositions in the water just spoke to me. No, I’m not hearing voices (well, not any more than usual). These images just felt like still life art so I took them into a few different editing programs to see what I could come up with. I finally landed on On1 Effects, which I rarely ever use. Too many options with too many editing programs!

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