Antarctic Adventure – Day 9 – Morning

Antarctic Adventure – Day 9 – Morning

Sunday, March 17th – morning

Second to the last day on the ship. Time goes so fast when you’re surrounded by the incredible wonders of nature. This is the day I took the most images, it was beautiful. The weather was perfect and we had incredible vistas in the morning and an epic Zodiac cruise with whales in the afternoon. Nothing short of amazing! I’ll do my best not to overload you with images in this post. Actually, as I’m going through images this is going to be a 2-part post.

Portal Point

This was our first stop of the day and we loaded up the Zodiac’s and headed to land. What were we going to see here? Some seals, some amazing scenery, incredible ice and even a humpback whale.

What an amazing morning. Honestly, the photos say so much more than my words can explain.

Next up – the afternoon at Charlotte Bay and Whale-a-palooza and breathtaking scenery.


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