Antarctic Adventure – Days 4 & 5

Antarctic Adventure – Days 4 & 5

Tuesday, March 12 & Wednesday, March 13th

These two days were spent crossing the Drake Passage, known as the roughest sea on earth with severe storms almost at any times and extremely huge waves (I linked this to a google search, check out some of the videos). The one biggest reason that was holding me back from ever thinking I would actually do this trip. We were lucky though and had a rather smooth sailing. Well, sort of. One night we could feel the waves and hear the ship’s stabilizers working overtime, but we were sleeping so didn’t really notice it much. The next morning we were told there were 5-meter waves. Ah, no big deal that’s not that big, right? Let me convert that to feet for my U.S. friends. 5 meters is 16 feet! Holy crap. That seems so much worse now. Seriously though it could have been much worse. So thankful that it wasn’t.

How do you spend your time

What do you do for days at sea? One of the really great things about One Ocean Expeditions trips is that they have scientists, historians and other very knowledgable people on board. There are presentations, informal talks and much to learn about your location and destination. We were fortunate to also have scientists from the California Ocean Alliance “Team Whale” as we called them, aboard. They were there to do whale research and had an actual lab on board. This expedition also happened to include a Photography Symposium led by the team from OffBeat Photo so there were also photography presentations and mini-workshops to keep us busy. As part of the symposium they gave us daily challenges, the two days at sea included water in motion and birds. That’s is pretty much all you see during these sea days. We did see some far off whales, seals and penguins swimming by but not for long and not really close enough to take photos of.

Personal challenges

When I go on trips I try to push myself to learn and try new things. I’ve never been a birder or big on capturing birds. I’m in awe of those that do and are incredible at it. My challenge for this trip was to capture some decent birds in flight because quite honestly, I suck at it. Here are a few from these two days. I think by the end of the trip I improved. I hope so anyway.

Or you find things & people to shoot around the ship.

That was pretty much it for the 2-day trip across the Drake Passage. I’m so happy it was uneventful.

What have I been working on?

I just wanted to throw this in, for now, I have several more Antarctica blog posts to finish up but I’ve been a bit distracted. If you didn’t know I run an online Photography Scavenger Hunt, it’s been in the middle of some big changes so that has taken up quite a bit of my time. I’ve also been planning my See! Chicago phototour for September. You can sign-up to learn more about each of these projects by clicking the links.

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