Antarctic adventure – Days 1 & 2

Antarctic adventure – Days 1 & 2

I thought I’d try to share my trip one day at a time here on my site. It might take me a few days to catch up, edit and figure out which images to pull for the posts but this is a good start. Stay tuned!

Saturday, March 9th

Today was a loooooonggggggg travel day. 27 hours in airports and on planes. I know it will all be worth it though. Just need a little sustenance to get me through.

wine and cheese board

Sunday, March 10th

I arrived at my hotel, Arakur at around 12 noon, dropped my bags in my room and headed out just for a little wander around the hotel. Prolonging my need for a nap. The Arakur Hotel & Spa is gorgeous. It is located up on a ridge overlooking the Beagle Channel which is between Argentina and Chile. Most everything in the hotel is created of natural materials, gorgeous wood and stone. I’ll save the architectural images (because you know I couldn’t help myself) for a post of their own. There are several huge felt wall hangings to decorate as well. Amazing pieces of art.

Then I grabbed a bit of lunch and that was it. Lights out for me for a few hours. Quick attempt at trying to get the TV to work but no luck, maybe Spanish would have been better than French hmm? I mean I can figure things out normally but this one did not seem to cooperate. Back to bed for a great night of sleep.

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