Antarctic Adventure – Day 3

Antarctic Adventure – Day 3

Monday, March 11th

Oh so amazing to have a good night’s sleep. Today is just a relaxed day, checked out, had breakfast and plopped my laptop and me in the lounge with huge windows overlooking the Beagle Channel and mountains across the way. Edited yesterday and today’s images and typed this up. Thought I’d be able to post this today but the wifi and uploading images aren’t agreeing so I guess it will have to wait until I get back, so here I am three weeks later.

It’s 12:30 and our transport to the ship comes at 3:30. I’ll either be productive or just read for a bit and relax. Something I’m not so good at. Especially when the view out the window is so incredible. A rainbow keeps appearing and disappearing. I’m pretty sure it’s a sign of smooth sailing. I sat and edited photos, ate lunch and actually met someone else going on the same excursion.

A few pics from before leaving the hotel, I will save the architectural shots for later.

Setting Sail

Ok, off we go. Heading for the Drake Passage tonight. Oh. My. Goooooooosh. This is what has freaked me out about this trip ever since I wanted to go to Antarctica. I guess this lack of planning, booking and leaving within 5 days did not give me time to think about it. We shall see how it goes.

The RCGS Resolute is a bit of a step up from One Ocean’s other two ships. They are all three used as scientific explorer ships and all have the very highest ice ratings and stabilization systems. The Resolute is a little larger than the other two, holding up to 146 passengers. It is a little more ‘cruisey’ than the other two ships as well. I am not complaining, just a little different comfort level here.

Here are some shots of around the ship.

The view of Ushuaia, Argentia as we sail through the Beagle Channel.

Ushuaia, Argentina from the ship

That’s it for now. Tomorrow, the Drake Passage. EEK!

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