Just believe

Just believe

When an opportunity presents itself you take it? Right?

Even if it means you fly out in 4 days? (now in 3 days)
You bet you do!

Big huge thank you to my husband for ‘getting’ me.

So, let’s talk Vision Boards hmmm? Crazy.

Antarctica has been on my personal list for years and years. When I was in kindergarten I made a penguin out of clay. It’s always ‘been there.’

Creating a Vision Board

Last year I put it on my 1st ever Vision Board. I knew it would likely happen eventually but not for a year or two or more. It’s a big trip, financial commitment and time. Then there is the dreaded Drake Passage. OMG. Trying not to freak out about that or replay Ron‘s video footage of it in my head. haha.

The universe is amazing. For Christmas, a friend in the UK sent me this coin purse, Polar Bears, Seals, Penguins – all Polar. Then a few weeks ago out of the blue, another friend mailed me a new luggage tag – isn’t he cute? Last week out at the WPPI show I splurged and bought a new 100-400 lens – you know, the perfect lens to take to Antarctica. Mind you, I have not purchased anything camera related in 6 or so years.

How Do you See? With Lauri Novak, Lesson #2 How Do You See? With Lauri Novak, Photography Mentorship,polar arctic antarctica

Then, this past Monday, yes THIS past Monday, I was informed that there was space available for a March excursion to Antarctica. WHAT?!?! OMG. How on earth could I possibly pass this up? Well, I didn’t. I leave Saturday. THIS Saturday. It’s a little insane. I’m still a little in disbelief, but…



P.S. I realize that I am very fortunate to be able to make this work. I quit my job last year. I have a bit of money set aside from my mom’s estate (of which I said I was going to use to go to Antarctica) and a totally unexpected check on the way from something else. Even so, I would likely have just charged it and worried about it later.  Cuz that’s how I roll. My mom would be so thrilled that I’m doing this. Now I need to figure out what to replace it with on my Vision board. 

So, I’ll see you when I get back! Then I’ll post what my initial intentions were for this week to catch you up on what I’ve been working on. There may or may not be a few penguin photos included now.

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