2018 Photofocus Articles
Texas sunrise between Brownsville and Harlingen.

2018 Photofocus Articles

As this year comes to a close I’d like to share the articles I wrote for Photofocus and get your ideas for new articles.

Getting started with macro photography

Ho ho ho macro holidays

Using self-portraits to learn

Pick up your camera and go

Traveling with non-photographers

Leaving the camera behind

Help! I’ve lost my inspiration

What has social media done for you lately?

Your Ideas?

I’d love to write more articles geared toward subjects you are interested in, have questions about or just would like more general knowledge on. Anything that isn’t my cup of tea I will pass on to the Photofocus authors and we’ll hopefully have you covered. Please either comment here with what you’d like to see articles on or contact me here.

Looking forward to a 2019 full of exploring, learning and growing.

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