It seems that turning 55 made the need for my reading glasses increase pretty much overnight. Is that a thing? Then again I’ve been on my computer a lot lately, A LOT! Everything I am working on needs the computer. I do take breaks but I’m sure that is not helping.

Seeing More

Stay tuned for more on Seeing and how I might be able to help you see photographically.

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  1. Recently I went from being able to see my cell phone screen with or without glasses to only being able to see it without glasses (My glasses are mainly for distance). Seemed to happen over night, so yeah, its a thing. I’m only 43 too, so you seem to be doing good 🙂

    1. I wore glasses for a while in college but that was due to eye strain. I’ve had distance glasses for driving, concerts and things like that for about 10 years. Reading glasses for less than that but only really needed them when tired or in a dark restaurant setting. This is new. I have faired well though, yes and lasted a bit longer than many with the need to have glasses.

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