Reflections: Life & Photography

Reflections: Life & Photography

The two go hand in hand for me. I’m drawn to them, you’ll see many reflections in the images I post. Puddles, windows, mirrors, anything that has a reflective surface and I’m going to try to capture an image in it. It can be different, it can be a new way to see something familiar and it can add interest to a boring subject. To see the reflection image full size click here, I had to crop it to make it fit for a header image.

Grateful to get out today for a couple of hours even though I was operating in exhausted mode. It’s always good to be out amongst nature, to hear the sounds to see the colors and feel the breeze. Did I get incredible images? No. Do I care? No. Sometimes it’s just about being out. Spending time with a friend who has a mutual interest in photography, chatting and wandering in Morton Arboretum today was much needed. Thanks, Mark.

Here are a few of the images I captured. I came home and played a bit with Topaz Texture Effects after I took a nap.

This image is actually unedited. Yes, it happens.


As always if you are interested in purchasing an image you see click on the image or click here for my galleries.

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  1. Nice read and love the Topaz textures Lauri!

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